Shatter Peak

Shatter Peak is not for the faint hearted. Many of the mobs in this area need careful planning to take on your own unless you're a reasonably powerful Adept. A group of Experts should be fine.

The Pine Clearing (Pc) appears to be a dead end but if you wait there you'll be Caught in a Bag and then Roughly Dragged into a Newly Built Cell (Nc). To get out of the Cell you need the Shiny New Key from Thayvian the apprentice mage to unlock the cell.

Once free you have a quest to complete. If you make your way to the Halfling Village (Hv) you'll find an unhappy mother, her children are being held hostage by Malagara. The children can be found in Hostages (Ho). To get there you need a key to the grate from Malagara himself, you can find him in his hidden retreat, Malagara's Lounge (Ml), north of the Conservatory (Co). You ned to be able to breath underwater and there are a few, tough mobs to go through on the way - never mind Malagara! You will need to make sure that the children can breath underwater, fly and see you, before they'll follow you back to their mother.

To get out of Shatter Peak you can portal or recall or walk out through a closed exit in Under the Pines (Up). You come out In the Pines (Ip). You need to 'push branches' to open the passage.

The key to the locked door north of the Cracked Tunnelt (Ct) can be found on the Foodbearer. 'unlock iron' and 'push iron' to open it. Lastly to get into the Smelly Room (Sr) you have to 'lift canvas' in the Old Mine Shaft (Os). Lastly to get to the Hollow (Hw) you need to 'push wedge' in Below the Crags (Bc).

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 9sws3ws2w2s2w3sws5w2sws2w3s3wn.

  Map of Shatter Peak

                                     Ml Lb           
                                     |  |          
                               |  |                  
                               Aq Tu                   
                             Gl   Le                 
                             |   /                   
       Sa                 Gc-Dh-Wp-Hs                                 
       |                     |  
    Ic-Fc                    Th-Ha                              
       |                         \                              
       Fc-Fc                      Bo                              
          |                       |                             
          Bt                Gq    Ns       Gs Nc                  
          |                 |     |        |  |                
          Ct-Ct-Ct    Os-Os-Os-Os-Is-Os-Os-Om-Oe                  
                +        |  |        |     |  |                 
             La Ct       Hf Sc       Sr    Cw Nc                  
             |  |       /                  |                    
    Ho       Dp-Ti-Nt-Nt-Wc-Lc             Ps                Pc      
      \     /                              |                 |
       Ut-Us                            Bs-Ts-Mt-Mt-Mt       Ip-Ip-Ip
                                        |             \     /      | 
                                        Ps             Up-Up       Ip-Wi-Sm
                                        |                             |
                                  Sv-Sv-Sv                            Np
                                  |  |  |                             |
                                  Sv-Hv-Sg                       The Storm Horns
                                  |  |  |                       

  Key to the Map of Shatter Peak

Aq- Apprentice Quarters Bb- Blood Bowl
Bc- Below the Crags Bo- Bottom of Stairway
Bs- Netween Mountain Shoulders Bt- Broken Tunnel
Cc- Cleared Cavern Co- Conservatory
Ct- Cracked Tunnel Cw- Crumbled Wall
Dh- Dining Hall Dp- Deep Pool
Fc- Fallen Cavern Gc- Guard Captain's Quarters
Gl- Guard Lieutenant's Quarters Gq- Guard's Quarters
Gs- Guard Station Ha- Hallway
Ho- Hostages Hs- House Servant's Quarters
Hv- Halfling Village Hw- Hollow
Ic- Intact Cavern Im- Intersection in the Old Mine Shaft
Ip- In the Pines La- Lair of the Broken Ones
Lb- Ledge Below Peak Lc- Large Cavern
Le- Ledge Ml- Malagara's Lounge
Mt- Mountainout Trail Nc- Newly Built Cell
Np- Narrow Pass Ns- Narrow Mine Shaft
Nt- Natural Tunnel Oe- Old Mine Entrance
Om- Old Mine Os- Old Mine Shaft
Pc- Pine Clearing Ps- Path Towards a Small Valley
Sa- Sagging Ceiling Sc- Slave's Cell
Sg- Sickly Garden Sm- Small Clearing
Sp- Shattered Peak Sr- Smelly Room
Sv- Small Valley Th- Turn in the Hallway
Ti- Tunnel Intersection Ts- Trail Splits
Tu- Tunnel Up- Under the Pines
Us- Under the Scum Ut- Underwater Tunnel
Wi- Wide Pass Wl- Wide Ledge
Wp- Wide Passage

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