The Sunset Mountains

The Sunset Mountains are safe as houses, as long as you can fly and stay invisible. To pass over Yellow Snake pass, to reach the wise, old man, you must be flying. If you go down into the pass the Zhenterim will attack you if you're not invisible - they really don't like intruders.

North from Above Yellow Snake Pass (Ay) takes you to In The Air (Ia) and north again takes you to the Path to the Upper Peaks (Pu). If you go down, then down again from In the Air (Ia) you'll end up in the pass and can walk to Orofin easily.

The door to Inside a Stone House (Is) is locked. The wise, old man has the key but beware - he has a fireshield that killed Azrael when I got cocky.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4s2w5n6w3s8wswsw4s4wnwsws.

  Map of the Sunset Mountains

                                  Ne-Iy    Ia |         Orofin       
                                     |    /   |           |
                                     Zw-Iy----+--Zw       Fs
                                              |  |        |          
                                           Be-Ay Iy-Se-Af-Ro
                               An-Al Shattered Mirror
                               |     |                              
          Mage's Academy       Sf-Ef-Eb           Doom Island             
                        \      |                       |            
          Reaching Woods-Wb-Wf-Sf                      Ds             
                         |     |                       |           
                      Tf-Tp-Ts Ps-Ar                Es-Tl-Dr-Sea of Fallen Stars
                         |        |                       |         
                         Ti       Rl  The High Road       Pl
                                  |     |                 |         
   Fortress of the Black Hills-Dt-Bl-Oh-Gp-Ot-Ot          Pl                
                                              |           |         
                                              Ot-Ot       Pl             
                                                 |        |         
                                                 Ot-Ot    Pl             
                                                    |     |         
                                                    Ot-Ot Pl             
                                                       |  |         
                                                       Td-Ng-Td-Td-Td-Td-Td-Td-Td-Td-Td-Td-Td Sea of Fallen Stars
                                                                                           |  |

  key to the Map of the Sunset Mountains

Af- At the Foot of the Sunset Mountains Al- Along a Narrow Path
An- Accent into the Northern Peaks Ar- Along a Rocky Path
Ay- Above Yellow Snake Pass Bc- Base of a Cliff
Be- Between Two Peaks Bl- Blocked
Ch- A Cliff High On The North Peak Dr- Dirt Trail
Ds- Disappearing trail Dt- old Decaying trail
Eb- Eastern Base of the Far Hills Ef- On the Eastern Face
Es- Edge of the Storm Fh- Face of the Highest Peaks
Fs- Foothills of the Sunset Mountains Gp- The Gates of Proskur
Hr- The High Road Hw- Harper Watchpost
Ia- In the Air above Yellow Snake Pass Is- Inside a Stone House
Iy- Inside Yellow Snake Pass Na- Along a Narrow Ledge
Ne- Northwest End of Yellow Snake Pas Nl- On a narrow Ledge
Oh- Off the High Road Ot- Overmoor Trail
Pl- the Plunge Ps- Path to the Southern Peaks
Pu- Path to the Upper Peaks Rl- A Recent Land Slide
Ro- A Rocky Overlook Se- Southeast End of Yellow Snake Pass
Sf- Summit of the Far Hills St- Against a Stone Face
Td- Trader's Road Tf- Traders Pit Fence
Ti- Traders Pit Inn Tl- Trail to a Lake
Tp- Traders Pit Lobby Ts- Traders Pit Sit-n-Grub
Wb- Western Base of the Far Hills Wf- On the Western Face
Zw- Zhentarim Waystop

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