The Changeling's Curse

The Changeling's Curse is a low-level area. The toughest thing I found was around level 5 and was less than 10k experience. That said, low-level characters should be careful when adventuring alone. There are a number of mobs in each room and wandering mobs could come in and put the odds in the changelings' favour...

The house is on three levels, the ground floor and first floor are infested with changelings. To find your way into the cellar go down from the kitchen and 'push barrel' to open the way south to Dommel's Hideout (Dh). 3.9k tough to kill. He's one of the toughest mobs in the zone. He also has a small key that is used to unlock a chest full of booty in a Hidden Room!

To find the room, travel to the Bedroom (Be) with a mirror in it. The mirror is in fact a portal! Use 'enter mirror' to move to the Hidden Room, use the key from Dommel to unlock a chest and see what you can find! To get back use 'enter mirror' again and you'll return to the Bedroom (Be). In the Attic (At) is a hidden container, a cobweb, containing something nice...

Below the well is a small area filled with spiders and Chitines (small spider people). The toughest room is the Chitine Lair where the Chitine Ruler resides, a number of guards and priestesses guard the Ruler so be careful.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 15enenene2n4en6e.

  Map of the Changeling's Curse

                                             Fp          Ce
                                             |           | \
                                 Dg          Fp          Dh Ki
                                 |           |              |
                                 Fp    Fp-Fp-Iw-Gp-Gp-Oh-Ew-Lr-Li            
                                 |     |     |              |
Plains of Shadowdale-Gf-Fp-Fp-Fp-Fi-Fp-Ow    Wa             St              
                                      /                       \
                         Down to below the Well        Up to the First Floor
The First Floor
               Si Sc Si                               
               |  |  |                            
               Down to the Ground Floor 
Below the Well
Up to the Well   Wt-Wt-Wt-Wt-Wt                                 
             \   |           |                     
              Bw-Wt          Cl                          

  Key to the Map of the Changeling's Curse

At- Attic Bw- Bottom of the Well
Ce- Cellar Cl- Chitine Lair
Dg- Dark Glade Dh- Dommel's Hideout
Ew- Entryway Fi- Forest Intersection
Fp- Forest Path Gf- Grassy Field
Gp- Grassy Plain Ha- Hallway
Iw- Intersection at Wood's Edge Lc- Large Clearing
Li- Library Oh- Outside the House
Ow- Old Well Pb- Pile of Bones
Sa- Staircase Sc- Storage Closet
Si- Sitting Room St- Study
Wa- Wooded ALcove We- Webby Alcove
Wt- Webby Tunnel

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