Kyrkwell Mansion - Top Floor

This map was sent to me by KhazModan. Cheers Khaz.
There's not much to say about this top level. Be careful of the death trap (DT) north of the Bloody Guestroom (Bg) - I'd hate to see anyone loose their equipment after all, I loose mine often enough.

  Map of the top floor of Kyrkwell Mansion

                DT    Tb
                |     |
                Bg Eg Be
                |  |  |
                |     |
                Gr Ts-Bs Sb
                  /   |  |
 Down to ground floor Dk-Sl-Dh-Er
                      |     |
                      Bh Dr-Mr

  Key to the map of the Top Floor

Be- Bedroom Bg- Bloody Guestroom
Bh- Bathroom Bs- By The Stairs
Cr- Childrens Room Dh- Dusty Hallway
Dk- Darkness Dr- Destroyed Room
DT- DEATH TRAP Eg- Empty Guestroom
Er- Empty Room Gr- Guest Room
Mr- Messy Room Nh- Narrow Hallway
Nl- Northern Landing Sb- Small Bedroom
Sl- Southern Landing Tb- The Balcony
Ts- Top Of The Stairs

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