The Enchanted Gardens

This zone is aimed at Chumps and Medium level characters but Chumps should be careful as there are many mobs in this zone that will prove too powerful for them to take out.

The zone starts off well as you enter a garden filled with lots of oversized animals and plants. AlLl but two of the early mobs range from 13k up to 24k XP for the Snap Dragon plant. The exceptions are the Large Bat inside the Bat Cave (Bc) and the Rock Man who roams near the north of the garden. Both are tough mob for low levels and worth 95K and 70K XP respecively. The first clues to what has happened in the garden can be found in a note in the Deserted Cabin (Dc):

"Day of the Sword, Month of the Winter Wolf

I fear I am losing my mind. Today, I just summoned many animals who do not belong here. Ever since Chief Burke gave me the lead box with the vile moss inside, I have not been able to harness my druid abilities. I must find a way to defeat this moss. Neither my flame blade nor my bare hands can damage the tough exterior of the moss. I wish I could remember my spells, because I beleive the moss can be defeated that way. I wish I would have never set foot in this garden. If you are reading this leave this area immediately or you will be vanquished. Beware of the mighty Rakshasa and more importantly beware of the moss in the area."

Once you pass through the garden you'll find yourself in the Rakshasa encampment. It's a fairly normal part of the map apart from the exits to the east of Outside the Extremely Large Tent (Oe) and Among the tents (At) to the north. Both lead to a room with exits east and south. South takes you back to Oe and east takes you to Among the Tents to the north of the Intersection (Ia). The encampment has many mobs of varying levels. The Ruhk warriors are about 20k each. The Maharajah is 40k, the Chief 130K and the Healer is around 40k XP.

Beyond the Rakshasa's camp is a maze, The Winding Paths (WI), exits marked witha '*' will bring you into the room you just left. Exits marked with a number will take you to that room (e.g. an exit marked '1' would take you to the room marked 'W1' on the map).

Once past the maze you find yourself in the final part of the zone. North of Deeper into the Forest (Df) takes you to the Inviting Clearing (Ic) but you pass thorough an extra room, full of fairly easy trees, on the way back wouth to Deeper into the Forest. There's a hidden mob, the chameleon at aroudn 50k, that hangs around in the final area too. Deep in the Forest (De) is trapped by the Ettercap's trap. I tried to go ast it at least 20 times but it was still active. Without a thief I couldn't get past it. Ulster kindly disarmed it for me and I killed the Ettercap as vengeace. There's only 2K gold there so it's not worth it really.

Lastly, two 60k Guardian Bobcats guard the way to Marinzel and Obliviax. I attacked and killed Marinzel whilst sneaking and the Obliviax didn't join in and try to defend him. When I attacked the Obliviax I didn't keep it bashed and soon found myself panic stricten and feeble minded. You can't hit the Oblivax with weapons - you need to use spells - so I soon died, unable to deal it damage or flee. The best suggestion I've heard so far (and Koschei killed it this way) is to use a 'cause light' weapon and just keep it bashed until it dies. I'd recommend some heal food and a sanc just to be sure...

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4s2wn4w4n2w3s8wswsw4s4wnwsw2s3wnw2uswsdswdsw2s3wsws w2s2ws2e6se9sesw7ses2w.

  Map of the Enchanted Gardens

                 Pi Ic
                /   | \
           Bt-Da    |  Pb 7    
           |        | /   |    
           Di    Cv-Df-Et-WI*    
           |        |     |    
           Ob-Fo-Pf-Sc   *WI-6    
              |     |     |  4 
           Mp-Bp Vf-Bv    |  |  *
           |     |      2-W7-W6-WI-3
  Fd-Wn-Bh-Fo-Bd Ha       |  *  |
  |     |     |           4   1-W4*
  Nt Ms Bs De-Sl-We          *  |
  |  |  |                  1-W2-W3* 
  Th-Op-Ta                   |  |
                             |  2
                            *W1-Ew Ba----Oo-Wt
                             e  |  |     |
                                Nw-At    Al
                                |        |
                             Sg-Rg-At    Ou-Ct
                             |     |     |
                             Pa-Rl Ia-Ba-If
                             |     |     |
           Dp-Cg-Wp-No-Ap-Eg-Sd    At-   Rh       
           |  |  |  |  |  |        |
           Su Oc-Dc Ts Tr Tt-Td-Ic Oe-       
              |     |  |  |     |  |
              Sp-Ti-Po Co-Gr    Bc Mt          
              |        |  |    
              |  |  |  |  |       
           Pl-Pc-Forest of Tethir

  Key to the Map of the Enchanted Gardens

Al- Along the Main Trail At- Among the Tents
Ba- A Bonfire Among Tents Bc- The Bat Cave
Bd- bend in the Dirt Path Bh- At the Base of a Hill
Bp- The Beaten Path Bs- Beside the Hill
Bt- A Bend in the Trail Bv- A Breathtaking View of the Forest
Cg- The Corner of the Garden Co- Colorful Section of the Forest
Ct- The Chief's Tent Cv- A Clearing with a View
Da- Dangerous Footing Dc- A Deserted Cabin
De- Deep in the Forest Df- Deeper Into the Forest
DI- Disappearing Trail Dp- A Darkened Pathway
Et- Edge of the Thick Forest Ew- Entrance to the Winding Path
Fd- Further Down the Path Fo- The Forest
Ga- A Garden Path Gg- The Garden Gates
Gp- The Garden Perimeter Gr- The Garden
Ha- Home of the Ankheg Ia- An Intersection Among the Tents
Ic- Inside The Cave If- In Front of the Large Tent
Ig- Inside the Garden In- An Intersection
Iv- An Inviting Clearing Iw- Inside the Withered Garden
Mp- The Main Path Ms- Marinzel's Sanctuary
Mt- The Maharajah's Tent No- Northern End of the Garden
Nt- Nearing the Top Nw- Northwestern Corner of the Rakshasa Camp
Ob- Off the Beaten Path Oc- Ouside the Cabin
Oe- Outside the Extremely Large Tent Oo- Outside an Open Tent
Op- Outside the Plush Grove Ou- Outside the Chief's Tent
Pa- A Path Pb- Pathway Back to the Forest
Pc- The Path Continues Pf- Plateau in the Forest
Pi- Pit of the Ant Lion Pl- A Path leading into a Forest
Po- A Pond Rg- A Rakshasa Guard Post
Rh- The Rakshasa's Healer Tent Rl- A Rocky Ledge
Sc- Steep Climb Sd- A Shard Downward Slope in the Path
Se- South Eastern Corner Sg- A Sharp Downgrade in the Path
Sl- Split in the Dark Path So- The Southern End of the Garden
Sp- On the Stone Path Su- The Summoning Clearing
Ta- Trail Around the Grove Td- Trail into Darkness
Th- The Top of the Hill Ti- Trail in the Interior
Tr- Trail Inside of the Garden Ts- Trail in the Soft Dirt
Tt- Trail through the Garden Vf- Very Fertile Soil
Wc- Weed Covered Greound We- Web Covered Trees
WI- The Winding Path W?- The Winding Path
Wn- Winding Trail Around the Hill Wp- Windy Part of the Garden
Wt-  The Weapons Tent

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