The Clock Tower - Third Floor

This map was sent to me by Horath. Cheers Horath.
This floor contains only two mobs, the Time Lord who has the key to the infinity gate, and his guardian angel. Horath advises only high level Experts or Adepts try to take them on, and you need to try to take out both at the same time as they help each other. Look out for the DEATH TRAP on this floor. There is only one room at the very top of the tower so there isn't a map for it.

  Map of the Clock Tower - Third Floor

                     De-Dino Land
                     Np	Up to the top of the tower		
                     | /			
                     | \		
                     Np	Down to the second floor

  Key to the map of the Clock Tower

Ae- Approaching the end Cp- Celestial pathway
Ct- Celestial throne room De- Dead end
Dp- Dusty passage DT- DEATH TRAP
Np- North-south passage Sd- Shimering door
Ss- Spiral staircase

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