Avonleigh is a wonderfully constructed zone, and probably my favourite as I write this. It is clearly aimed at Adepts, although I'd suggest Experts could accompany an experienced group with little trouble. My great thanks go to Celia for her direction and leadership as we attempted to map this place.

The only way to get to Avonleigh is through the Astral Plane (the Decaying gray pool). Once you exit the pool you'll find yourself on a dark gravel road (Dg). You need to get to teh very top of the tower and you'll find the door is locked. Kill the huge Steel golem and use the golden key you find on its corpse to unlock the door. Once inside be careful of the Dimensional Guards, they will attack you and can see invisible. Climb all the way to the top of the tower until you come to the Hall of Dimensions and face the Lord of Dimensions himself. If you 'give 50000 lord' he'll then transports you to Ravenloft.

ravenloft is the meat of Avonleigh. You'll find yourself off to the east in Waking Up (Wu). I suggest you make your way to the castle to the north but beware of the Spectral undead: They're sanced, can see invis and through sneak and are aggressive. They'll try to drain you...

To open the gate to the castle you'll need to kill the Knight of the Circle and take the key from his corpse. Once there head Ferran Shadowborn's room (Fs). You'll be given the first of two quests: You must find the ingredients to a magical potion that will awaken the King from his illness. To make the potion you need five ingredients: Mandrake root from and Black troll blood from the trolls in The cave of swamp trolls in the Phantasmal Swamp, Bark of undead treant from the Phantasmal Forest (Pf), and Dust from Grave elemental in the Crypt (Cy), and a tongue from the Ghoul Lord, Behind the tapestry, Beneath the Collapsed house both in the village.

To open the gate to the village you need the ancient key from the zombie golems. Hidden in the Mist Room (Mr), under the Old Church is a mist elemental. To open the way down to beneath the collapsed house you need the iron bar from the church, use 'lift rock' to open the way down, once in the Large, dark room (Ld) use 'pull tapestry' to open the way south to Behind the tapestry (Bh) and the Ghoul Lord.

Once you have all the ingredients head back to the king and put them all in the bowl. The king will start to recover and offer to reward you. Take the key to the manor and you're ready for the second quest.

Morgiel has betrayed the king. He's kidnapped the King's daughter Aurora and you must rescue her. To do that you must find the ten shards of the broken mirror in the Parlor, put the mirror back together and defeat Morgiel. Once defeated you can then free Aurora.

Unlock the gate to the manor and then search the grounds for the Spectral undead. Once of them will be carrying a tiny black key that you need to unlock some doors inside the manor.

There are ten shards. One is carried by a skeletal steed in the Stables. One can be found ni the broken chandelier in the Parlor. One is held by A Zombe in the Corner of the Topiary, another can be found lying in A small garden. The fifth and sixth are both to be fonud in large barrels - one in the Pantry and the other in the Storage Room. The seventh is held by the drowned person in the Long narrow pool. You need water breath to get it. The eighth is Inside the bed, use 'lift curtain' in the eastern Comfortable guest bedroom to open a way north. To get the ninth, open the way up to the hidden laboratory by walking into the Walk-in closet and typing 'lift robe', you'll find an exit east to the secret door and the ninth shard is in the Laboratory in a glass container. To get the final piece you need the massive steel key - the key can be found inside a 'tub of obsidian'. Unlock the large steel door and find the battle victim, the last piece of the shard will be on him.

once you have all the pieces, get ready for a big fight and go down to the Parlor and type 'put all.shard mirror'. Morgiel will appear and will attack. Once dead you'll find some new equipment and a further key, take the key to the belltower and head back to the laboratory. use 'pull bells' to open a way west and then go up, unlock the trapdoor and you'll fnid aurora in a magical sleep. To wake her up you pull rope to ring the bells and wake Aurora. She'll start to follow you and you need to take her to the King as quickly as you can. He'll reward you with a fine item...

Once last point. 'open tapestry' in Temple to open the way to the Small humble chamber. 'open closet' and 'get all closet' will give you a Fireshield potion.

The best way to get to this zone is through the decaying gray pool in the Astral Plane.

  Map of Avonleigh

                     Bd Ss                
                     | /                 
                                       |        |           |
                                       |  Wp----Po----Ep    Cl
                                       |  |           |     |                           
                                       |  |  Ga-Bh-Pr Ki-Pn Sa       Up to the Castle
                                       |  |^    |^    |  |  |       /                 
                                       |  St----Ge----Ha |  Nr    Ws                  
                                       |  |     |     |  |  |     |                  
                                       |  Gh    If    Dr-Dr |     Fy                  
                                       |        |           |     |                 
                                    Ts-Ne----Gr-Tc-Sp-Wt----Ct    Fg                  
                                                | \               +                 
                                                Ma Ln             Fo                  
                                                |                 |                  
                                             Bw-Gm                Pa                  
                                             |                    |                 
                                             Gp                   Pa                  
                                             |                    |                            
                 |     |  |                  |                    |                          |   
                 Sm    Sp La                 Pf                   Sr                         Fc 
                /      |    \                |                    |                          ^  
Down to the Catacombs  Sp Below the Building Pf                   Ra                         Wu
                       |                     |                    |                    
                       Vc              Pf-Pf-Pf                   Bn-Ra                 
                       |               |  |  |                       |                   
                       Cy              Pf-Pf-Pf                      Ra                
                                                      Ps Ps-Ps-Ps-Ps-Ps
                                                      |  |  |  |  |  |               
                                                      Ps-Ps-Ps-Ps Ps-Ps                
                                                            |  |  |  |                   
                                                      |     |                         
                                                      Ps    Ps-Ps-Lc-Cs                   
The Catacombs
                  Ca Up into the Village
                  | /                   
Below the Collapsed Building
                    Up to the Collapsed Building
                      Ub Tu                                               
The Castle
             Lo    Fs-Sh-Ar                                                
               \      |                                               
                Ms    Nb                                                
                  \   |                                               
                  /     \                                               
                Ms       Down to Ravenloft                                             
          Down to below the Castle
Below The Castle

                       Up to the Castle 
First Floor of the Manor
                         +   |    /                     
                 Ib    Bc    Pc Hd
                 |    /        /
           Cg-Ba-Cg As-Li-Ly-Lg
           |     |          /
        Lc-Wh----Eh-Mb    Hd                                      
         v |     |  |    /                                
           Gs-Bg-Gs Wi-Sd                                   
                 Down to the Manor                                         

  Key to the Map of Avonleigh

Ap- At the platform Ar- Aurora's Room
As- Alchemical Storage Aw- At the white staircase
Ba- A Bathroom Bb- Before a beautigul forest
Be- Bellchamber Bd- Behind the door
Be- before the old fence Bf- Before the tower
Bg- A broad granite staricase Bh- behind the tapestry
Bl- The blood pool Bn- A bend in the river
Bo- before an obsidian door Bp- before the Phantasmal Swamp
Br- before the bridge Bs- At the bottom of the spiral staircase
Bt- Before the steel door Bu- A Beautiful forest
Bw- By the wall By- A broad hallway
Ca- The catacombs Cb- Sleeping Chamber
Cg- A conmfortable guest bedroom Cl- Close to a small garden
Cs- Cave of the Swamp Trolls Ct- Corner of the Topiary
Cy- The crypt Dg- A dark gravel road
Dr- the Dining Room Eb- Eastern Building
Eh- Eastern hallway Ep- East Porch
Es- Eastern side of the library Fc- A fog cloaked road
Fg- Beyond the fortress gate Fk- The fortress kitchen
Fo- Before a Fortress Fs- Ferran Shadowborn's room
Fy- Fortress courtyard Ge- grand Entranceway
Gh- The greenhouse Ha- A hallway
Ib- Inside the bed Ic- Into the catacombs
It- into the Temple Ga- the Gallery
Gp- A small gravel path Gr- Gavel path on the manor grounds
Gm- Gate to the manor house Gy- Graveyard
Hd- Hall of Dimensions Hs- A hidden staircase
Kh- the King's highway Ki- Kicthen
La- A large, collapsed stone building Lb- The lawn before the tower
Lc- A large cave Ld- A large, dark room
Lg- A small landing Li- A linen storage closet
Ln- In a long narrow pool Lo- A look-out tower
Ly- the laboratory Ma- Manor grounds
Mb- Master bedroom Me- Meeting Room
Mg- Morgiel's room Mr- The mistroom
Ms- Metal spiral staircase Nb- Norther Building
Ne- nearing the stables No- North side of Tergeron
Nr- north Topiary Ns- nearing the swamp
Nt- Nearing The Tower Nv- Nearing the Village
Oc- An old church Pa- Path along the river
Pc- A prison cell Pf- The Phantasmal Forest
Ph- Small path around the manor Pi- The prison
Pn- The pantry Po- Porch
Pr- the parlor Ps- The Phantasmal Swamps
Pt- Path towards a dark forest Ra- Road along the river
Rg- Behind the rusty gate Sa- Small garden
Sc- A small clearing Sd- A secret door
Sg- the storage room Sh- A stone hallway
Si- At a small iron gate Sl- Small humble chamber
Sm- A small chamber Sn- A small shrine
Sp- A small path Sq- the village square
Sr- Southern road along the river Ss- the spiralling staircase
Tc- Tergeron Courtyard Te- The temple
Tr- Turn in the path Ts- the Stables
Tu- A tunnel Ub- Under the building
Vc- The village cemetary Vg- Village Gate
Vi- A village Wb- Western Building
Wh- Western hallway Wi- Walk In Cupboard
Wr- A wide road Ws- Western side of the library
Wt- West Topiary Wu- Waking Up

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