Meadow Creek

Meadow Creek can be a safe haven for all levels - as long as you stay on well lit paths and don't wander far from the centre of the town. Stay invisible and you'll be pretty safe. Stray from the well-worn paths and you can quickly finds yourself up to your neck in hard mobs.

I mapped most of the area with my Adept, half-giant warrior Stibbons and there were plenty of mobs I didn't want to tangle with, certainly without keeping the bashed and with a sanc potion or two at my disposal.

The door to the west of the End of the Dimly-lit Hallway (Ed) can be opened with knock, doorbash or picked. Reading the desk tells you of the odd zoo beneath the aquatic center. Open the 'brambles' to get into the Secluded Wood. If you step into and yof the the Small, Dark Rooms (Dk) you'll find yourself transported to An Untidy Office (Uo) after a short while.

To move from Atop the Bleachers (Ab) to In the Bleachers (Ib) is down, I've repreented it the way I have to make the maps easier to see.

One final note - read all the signs carefully and you won't run into anything you won't expect. Many of the mobs, although dangerous, are not aggressive. Oh, and you can get a fireshield potions from the Hydra in the Men's Toilet!

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 9sws3ws2w2s2w3sws5w2sws2w3s6wswn3ws4wnwsw2n3w3nw5n2w n7w2nwsws3wndn2e4n5ws2e.

  Map of Meadow Creek

                                                  Sm Rd Ru Ri
                                                  |  |  |  |
                             Wf+Ed-Pb          Sm-Ea-Dr-Dr-Bd-Ri    Wi         
                                |                 |  |  |  |       /
                             Ba-Dl-Pb          Sm-Na Rd Ru Dn-Ho-It        
                                |                 |               \
                          At Do-Dl-Do       Sl-Aa |                Down to the Zoo  
                          |     |              |  |            
                          Ht-Ht-Bt-Dc       Tr |  |                       
                        ^ |                 |  |  |            
                    Gs-Mh-Mh-Rw          Pa-As-Me Na          Mt         
                       |  |                    |  |         ^ |
                    Bs-Mh-En-Ha River Dessarin |  Na-------Lo-Bg Mm Mw                      
                          |        |           |  |        |     |  |                       
                          |  |  |  |     |     |  |      ^ |     |  |        |              
                          Gm-Gm-Gm-Gm    |     |  |  Fr-Rc So    Sy Wg       Sd-Fp Marshes
                          |  |  |  |     |     |  |     |  |                    |  |        
 Bugbear Military Academy-Gm-Gm-Gm-Gm    We Re-Vc-Ss----Da Do-Ja                Fp-Wt 
                          |              |        |
                          |        Sg    |        |  Ml
                          |        |     |        |  |^          
                          Hw St-Sf-Sp-Sp-We       Ss-Ma Lm Lm
                          |              |        |  |  |  |
                          |              |        In-Ew-Ew-Ee
                          |              |        |  |  |  |
                       Hw-Hw-Ng          |        Uc Uc Uc Uc
                       |     |           |          
                       Hw Ng-Ng          Sr-Ot-Ot Cc
                       |  |              |     |  |
                       Is Ps             We    An-An                 
                          |              |
                       Hg-Hd             We
                          |              |
Top Floor of the Temple
         |  |     |    
         Wc Tc Sh-Sa      
         |  |    \
         Tk-Dh    Down to Meadow Creek              
First Floor of the Bordello
First Floor of the Mayor's House
First Floor of Meadow-Creek Lodge
The Zoo
      Ro-Et----Fl Uo
      |v       |  |
      Be-Be    Be-Tu Br-Lg
         |        |  |  |
   Lc-Ti-Ca Bt-Ca Dd-Bt Nt 
      |     |  |        |
      |     |  Nt       |
      |     |  |        |
      Nt    Nt Wk-El-El-W Up to Meadow Creek
      |     |             /     
      Si-Et-No          Cw
            |          /
      Lw-Nw-Ne       Us
       v    |       /
   |  |     |
   Mr Ld    Ns
              Down to the Aquarium 
Below the Long, Wide Corridor (Lw)
 |  |  |  |   
 |  |  |  |  
    |  |    
 Pc-Co Am       Up to the Long, Wide Corridor
 |  |          /
 Dk Co-Dk    Lw
    |       /
    Co Bl-Lw
    |  |
The Aquarium
                           |  |  |
                           |  |  |
                          /  /  /
Up to the Dolphin Tour   Ph-Ph
       \                 |  |
       Ah-Ah-Ah          Ph-Ph
       |  |  | \         |  |
       Ia Ia Ia Eh-Eh-Tb-Ph-Ph-Er
                      |  |
                      |     |
                      |     |

  Key to the Map of Meadow Creek

Aa- An Aisle in Front of a Stall Ab- Atop the Bleachers
Ah- Aquarium Hall Ai- A Small Anti-chamber
Am- A Storeroom An- An Animal Trail
Ar- A Room in Honey's Place As- A Stable
At- An Atrium Ba- TheTemple's Bathing Room
Bc- A bend in the Corridor Bd- A bend in the DIrt Road
Be- A bend in the Tunnel Bg- Meadow-Creek Bar & Grille
Bl- A Bend in a Long, Wide Corridor Br- A Break in the Wall
Bs- The Blessing of Spring Bt- A Bend in the Temple Hallway
Bw- A bend in a Well Travelled Road By- A Balcony
Ca- A Small Cavern Cc- A Campsite in a Clearing
Ci- A Circular Chamber Co- A North-South Corridor
Cw- The Cellar of the Wizards's House Da- A Dark Alley Behind the Mansion
Dc- A Dark Closet Dd- A Dark, Dank Room
De- The Deputy's Office Dh- the Temple's Dining Hall
Dk- A Small, Dark Room Dl- A Dimly-Lit Hallway
Dn- The Dirt Road Ends Do- A Dormitory
Dp- The Dolphin Pool Dr- A Dirt Road Through the Shabbier Section of Town
Dt- The Dolphin Tour Dv- A Dark Crevase
Ea- The End of North Avenue Ed- The End of the Dimly-Lit Hallway
Ee- The End of East Way Eh- An East-West Hallway
El- An East-West Sloping Tunnel Em- The End of Main Street in Meadow-Creek
En- The Entranceway into the Main Hall Er- A Brightly-Lit Exhibit Room
Es- The Entrance to a Small Village Et- An East-West Tunnel
Ew- East Way Fl- A Fairly Large Room
Fp- Forest Path Fr- A Front Room
Gm- A Grassy Meadow Gs- The Glory of Summer
Ha- The Honor of Autumn Hd- A Hidden Trail
Hg- A Hidden Glade Hh- A Hall in Honey's Place
Hi- Heading into Main Street at Meadow-Creek Hl- A Short Hallway
Ho- A Hovel Ht- A Hallway in the Temple
Hw- A Hidden Wood Ia- Inside An Aquarium
Ib- In the Bleachers In- The Intersection of South Street and East Way
Is- Inside a Small House It- Inside the Tiny Hovel
Ja- A Jail Cell La- The Landing
Lc- A Large Cavern Ld- The Ladies Room
Lg- A Large Room Lm- A Lovely Manor House
Lo- Meadow-Creek Lodge Lr- Meadow Creek Lodge Reception
Ls- A Large, Stone Chamber Lw- A Long, Wide Corridor
Ma- Mayor Sinclair's Mansion Mb- Mayor Sinclair's Bedroom
Me- Meadow-Creek Stable Mh- The Main Hall
Ml- Mayor Sinclair's Library Mm- Main Street Market
Mr- The Men's Room Ms- Main Street in Meadow-Creek
Mt- Meadow Creek Tavern Mw- Meadow-Creek Sweet Shoppe
Na- North Avenue Ne- The North-East Corner of a Cavern
Ng- A Narrow Gorge Nh- A Narrow Hallway
No- The Northern Tour Ns- A North-South Hallway
Nt- A North-South Tunnel Nw- The North-West Corner of a Cavern
Ot- An Overgrown Trail Pa- A Paddock
Pb- A Private Bedroom Pc- Private Corridor
Ph- The Pool Hall Ps- A Path by a Stream
Pv- A Path Inside a Cavern Ra- A Small Reception Area
Rc- The Recpetion Rd- A Run-Down Home
Re- The Rectory Ri- A Rickety Shack
Rl- Road Leading into a Small Village Ro- A Small Room
Ru- A Small, Rundown Home Rw- The Rites of Winter
Sa- A Study Area Sb- Mrs. Sinclair's Bedroom
Sc- The South-East Corner of a Cavern Sd- A Small, Dusty Road
Se- Secret Forest Sg- The Sacred Garden of the Lady's Unicorn
Sh- Shandara's Office Si- A Sideways-Looking Cavern
Sl- A Stall Sm- A Small Home
So- Meadow-Creek's Sherriff's Office Sp- A Secret Path
Sr- A Split in the Road Ss- South Street
St- Strange Forest Su- South-West Corner of a Cavern
Sw- A Secluded Wood Sy- The Smithy
Tb- The Troll Bridge Tc- A Temple Classroom
Ti- A T-Shaped Intersection Tk- The Temple Kitchen
Tl- The Temple Library Tn- A Trail Next to an Island
Tr- the Tack Room Ts- Top of the Stairs
Tu- A Sloping Tunnel Tv- A Tunnel Into a Cavern
Uc- An Upstanding Citizen's Fine Home Ud- Uniduck Island
Ur- An Underground River Us- An Underground Staircase
Ut- An Underground Tunnel Uo- An Untidy Office
Vc- The Village Chapel Vr- A Village Road
Vs- The Village Square Wc- A Wide Corridor
We- A Well-Travelled Road Wf- A Well-Furnished Room
Wg- Sinclair's Warehouse and Grain Storage Wi- A Wizard's Laboratory
Wk- A Small, Well-Kept Room Wl- A Well-Lighted Tunnel
Wt- Winding Trail

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