The Jermlaine Tunnels

As soon as you have a few hit points and reasonable armor, this area is reasonably safe. You'll get attacked at every turn, but the jermlaines aren't that hard. In fact the toughest mob in the area only nets you 8K xp (the steam imp). Jermlaine's can see invisible so I'd be careful if you're a newbie in this area.

Down from the Hole in the Ground (Ho) takes you to the Hole in the Ceiling (Hc) in the Tunnels. Down from the Warm Tunnel (Wt) are a few more rooms, I decided to show them on that part of the map, rather than create a new one. The locked door between the Dark Stone Tunnel (Ds) and the Dark Stone Closet (Dc) can be doorbashed but you can find the key on the Jermlaine Chief in his throne room (Bt). It is in a no-magic room and so can't be knocked.

The only thing I couldn't work out is what to do with the Steam key that can be found on the imp in the Hot Spring (Hs). If you find out I'd be grateful if you'd let me know.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4e5n4e.

  Map of the Jermlaine Tunnels

                Gu Gs                                 
                |  |                                   
Northern Forest-Ec-Ft Te                                  
                   |  |                                
                         Down to the Tunnels
The Tunnels
                      Br Sr Ts                                 
                      |  |  |                              
                      Dc+Ds Te Ft-Lw-Wt Ht-Hs                            
                         |  |^ |       \|                      
                Hg Ct    Ds-Hc-Ft       Vt                            
                |  |     |                                 
                Rs-Sp-Ct Ft Cf                                  
                   |     |  | \                             
                   Sp-Ft-Ft-Ft Down to the Jermlaine Quarters
Up to Northern forest Bs-Fr
The Jermlaine Quarters
 Up to the Tunnels Ft Be-Oy
                  \|  |  |  
             Rl Fe-Ft-Uh                             
             |  |     |                                
       Bt-Fe-Fe-Fe Ob-Uh-Gb                                
                |     |                                
                Fu Le-Ut-Ro

  Key to the Map of the Jermlaine Tunnels

Be- the Betterest Kitchen Bk- The Best Kitchen
Br- Biting Room Bs- Battle Scene
Bt- The Best, I Mean Bestest Throne Room in the Whole Entire Everywhere! Cc- Crevice in the Ceiling
Cf- Crevice in the Floor Ct- Chief's Tomb
Dc- Dark Stone Closet Ds- Dark Stone Tunnel
Ec- Entrance CHamber Fe- Featured Tunnel
Fr- Failed Retreat Ft- Featureless Tunnel
Fu- Fun Room Gb- Good Beds
Gs- Grisly Scene Gu- Guard Room
Hc- Hole in the Ceiling Hg- Haunted Grotto
Ho- Hole in the Ground Hs- Hot Spring
Ht- Hot Tunnel Kr- Kicking Room
Le- Lame Excuse for Beds Lm- Larder, Maybe
Lw- Luke Warm Tunnel Ob- Old Beds
Oy- Oh Yeah? This is Better Still! Pe- Poke-in-the-Eye Room
Pr- Pinching Room Rl- The Remains of a Lone, Foolhardy knight
Ro- Really Old Beds Rs- Really Spooky Tunnel
Sc- Stalagmite Cave Sk- Skylight
Sp- Spooky Tunnel Sr- Stabbing Room
Te- Tree Roots Tr- Training Room
Ts- Trainer's Room Uh- Underground Hallway
Ut- underground Tunnel Vw- Very Warm Tunnel
Wb- Were There Beds Once Wt- Warm Tunnel

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