The Sea of Fallen Stars and Westgate

The Forest of Cormyr, to the north of Westgate town if quite safe and I didn't find anything that really worried me. Once you get to Westgate Town itself you can see why the zone is aimed at Expert level players.

One point of note is the way to Dragon-Loft. If you go Deeper Into The Forest (Di) to the south west of the zone and 'push rock' you'll open a way down to some water-filled caves, a few caves to the north you can 'push rock' again to open a way up to Dragon-Loft.

Above The Guild Hall (Gh) is the top level of the Assassin's guild. Kriggen in the Guildmater's Chamber (Gu) has a key to the Treasury of the Guild (Tg) where a cloak from an older time awaits. Up from the Entryway (En) is the First Floor of Amber Castle where the faimily of the local Lord rest. The City of Dhedluk (Cd) has exits N,E,W that lead straight back to itself!

Westgate is a tougher place to be if you want to start a fight. When you enter the Coliseum (Cs) a champion will be waiting for you, curiously to get out by opening a gate and going east! Azrael had no problems with the champion at level 30/35/34.

To the east of Westgate you find the Bouncing Flounder and the Mine Entrance. Use 'open fish' in the Bouncing Flounder (Bo) to open a hidden way north into the Thieves guild. A number of tough mobs live in the guild. The master thief in Room of #2 (R2) has the key to the master's room. 'turn bookcase' in the Dungeon Corridor (Dc) to open a secret way east. There is no key to unlock the Cell to the south but knock cell did the job and opened the way to monster! The dungeons are connected to the mine. 'open vein' opens the way west to the secret passage (Sp) from the Bones in the Mine (Bm).

The toughest part of this zone is the islands to the east. Each has at least one tough mob, but most of the mobs on the islands to the east were easy for my adept to kill, and gave out around 150k per mob. I'd say that most experts would have no problem with most of them. One last note: The Robe of Useless Items is a container...

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 9sws3ws2w2s2w3sws5w2sws2w3s3wsw2s.

  Map of The Sea of Fallen Stars and Westgate

              The Storm Horns Moonsea Ride  Mh                      
                          |     |           |        
                          |           |     |   ^     
                          Fc          |     Vi En-Gc       
                          |           |        |     
                          Co          Bp-Br-Fc Ca        
                          |                 |  |     
                       Fi-Bp          Cd    Cf-Pc                         
                       |              |     |                          Ok
                       Fc             Ed    Fo                         |  
                       |              |     |                          Ic
                    Of-Cd             SS-Tr-Ft                         |  
                    |                 |                   Ey+Ms     Sr-Rp         
                    |                 |  Cs                 \         \  \       
                    |                 |  |                   As-Hg-Ha  Ht Gd    Bi    Wi
                    Oc                To Gr                  |    /    |  |     |       \
                    |                 |  |                   R2 Sg-Hr  Pe |     Si-Sf    Bn-Sn
                    Bt-Dt-------------Tr Ab Ar    Dm            |      |  |     |           |
                       |                 |  |     |       Ci-Mb-Hg     Pe |  Ar-Sr    Cb    Vi
                       |           Ca-Gb-Pz-Pz-Gp-Mp-Ge   v  |         |  |  |  |    /|     |
                       El                |  |     |          Bo        Sh Dv-Pi-Li Og Ta-Ts-Be
                       |                 Mo Ps    Ew         |           \   |  |        |  |
                 Ld-Ld-Ld                   |     |          Mt           Pd-Lg Sb Sa-Ru Ws-Lo
                 |  |  |                    Ga-Hs |         /               \   |  |  |  |
                 Wa-Cl-Ld-Dd                |^    |       At Me               \ |  Sk Iv-Ov-Sf
                 |  |  |                    Ma    |       |  |v                \|     |  |  |
                 Ld-Ld-Ld Tw----------------------Rw---Fn-Cm-Sw-Eo-----Sf-Sf-Sf-Sf-So-Sf-Ni-Ne
                    |     |                 ^     |                                |     |  |
   Sunset Mountains-Sl----St Dragon-Loft    Gh-Eg-Ow                               Ro    Se Is
                    |       /                     |                                |        |
                    Ff-Fy Eu                Sunset Mountains                 The Fallen Star  Th
                       |  |                                                              
                       Di Uc                                                              
First Floor of Amber Castle
           |    \
           Ch    Down to Amber Castle                                   
First Floor of the Assassin's Guild
               | \              
               Gu Down to the Guildhall
The Dungeon and Mines
                               | \       
      South to the Mine Entrance  Ds     
 Up to the Corridor in the Halls     De-Dn-Dr
                        /                  |
                   Dk-Du                   Ck-Da
                   |                         /
                   Dg-Dc-Sp-Pp          Do-Do Ea          
                      +       \         |     | 
                      Ce       Sp-Sp-Bm-Mi-Mc-Tt           
                                     |        |
                                     Em       Ev 

  Key to the Map of the Sea

Ab- the Arbory Ac- Archipelago
Ar- The Armory of Toltok As- Another Staircase
At- Ascent to the Top Be- Between Two Islands
Bf- Bend in a Foreseted Trail Bi- Bird Island
Bm- Bones in the Mine Bn- Beneath a Floating thing
Bo- Bouncing Flounder Bp- Bend in the Forest Path
Br- Bridge over the River Bt- Bending Turning Forest
Ca- Guard Captain's Room Cb- Coral Reef
Cd- A Change of Direction Ce- The Cell
Cf- Cormyr in the Forest Cg- Corridor in the Guild
Ch- Children's Room Ci- Corridor in the Halls
Ck- Cracked and Broken Corridor Cl- Center of Lake
Cm- A Choice to be Made Co- Cormyr
Cr- Crossroads Cs- The Coliseum
Da- Diamond Mined Out Corridors Dc- Dungeon Corridor
Dd- Dirt and more Dirt De- Diamond Mine Tunnel
Dg- Dungeons of the Guild Di- Deeper into the Forest
Dk- Dungeon Keeper's CHamber Dm- Diamond Miner's Guild
Dn- Diamond Tunnels Do- Diamond Caverns
Dr- Diamond Corridor Ds- Diamond Mine Shaft
Dt- Dirt Trail through the Forest Du- The Dungeon
Dv- Den o' Thieves Ea- Dead End
Ed- Entrance to Dhedluk Eg- Entrance to the Guild
El- Edge of Lake Em- End of Mine
En- Entryway Eo- Edge of the Ocean
Es- Edge of the Storm Eu- End of the Underwater Cavern
Ev- End of Vein Ew- The Entrance to Westgate
Ey- Entryway to the Master Fc- Forest of Cormyr
Ff- Forest for the Trees Fi- Forest in Cormyr
Fn- The Forest near Westgate Fo- Forest Path
Fp- Forest Path Through Cormyr Ft- Forested Trail
Fy- Foresty Path Ga- The Gardens
Gb- Guard Barracks Gc- Guards Chambers
Gd- Guard Room Ge- Gemcutter's Guild
Gh- The Guild Hall Gp- Glittering Plaza
Gr- The Great Coliseum Gu- Guildmaster's Chamber
Ha- Hallways Hg- Halls of the Guild
Hr- Hanna's Room Hs- The Hill with a Single Tree
Ht- Hidden Treasury Ic- Inner Chamber
Is- Island in the Sea Iv- Isle of View
Ju- Jungle Kf- King's Forest and a Trail Too
Ld- Lake of Dragons Lg- Lighthouse
Li- A Large Iland is Nearby Lo- Lone Island
Ma- the Mansion Mb- Members Entryway
Mc- Corrdor of Mines Me- Mine Entrance
Mh- Mushroom Hut Mi- The Mines
Mn- Mine Entrance Mo- Modest Home
Mp- Main Plaza Ms- Chamber of the Master
Mt- The Mountaintop Ne- Near an Island in the Sea
Ng- North gate of Elversult Ni- Sea Near the Islands
Oc- Outskirts of Cormyr Of- Outskirts of the Forest
Ok- Office of the King Os- Open Space
Ov- Oceanviews Pa- A Passageway
Pc- Path to Castle Amber Pd- Pirate Docks
Pe- Potential Escape Tunnel Pi- Pirate Island
Pp- The Plunge in the Passage Ps- The Pasture
Pz- The Plaza R2- Room of #2
Rb- Royal Bedrooms Ri- A River
Rm- Room of the Master Ro- Round Island
Rp- Room of the Pirate King Ru- More Ruins in the Ocean
Sa- tanding Stones Sb- Sky of Blue...Sea of Green
Se- Sea of Stars Sf- Sea of Fallen Stars
Sg- Stairwell in the Wooden Halls Sh- Strange Hidden Turnstile
Si- Small Island to the North Sk- Skeletal Remains
Sl- Shore of the Lake of Dragons Sn- Stone Path
So- Sea of the Fallen Star Sp- Secret Passage
Sr- Stars Reflecting in the Fallen Sea Ss- Something Strange in the Forest
St- Sandy Trail Sw- Trail Through Some Spooky Woods
Ta- Sea of Tranquility Tc- Trail through Cormyr
Tf- Trail through Cormyr Forest Tg- Treasury of the Guild
Th- Thatched hut Tl- Trail to a Lake
To- Trail of Cormyr Tr- Trail through the Forest
Ts- The Sea Tt- The T
Tw- Trail to Westgate Uc- Underwater Cavern
Vi- A Village Wa- Waterfall
Wi- Within The Sphere Ws- Waters of the Sea

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