Khmer Castle

Khmer castle is not somewhere you want to be wandering around if you're unexperienced. So much so that you can't even get through the front gate until you're a Medium level character. I spent most of my time mapping invisible and, in that state, most mobs will ignore you. "Most," remember that. There are some that will attack you on sight and they're some of the hardest in the area. I'd recommend the castle for high level Medium characters and above but I'd make sure you have sanctuary and heal available to you before you push yourself.

Below the Wide Hallway (Wi) is the Ancient Crypt of Khmer. Below the Winery of Khmer (Wk) is a Wine Cellar. Below the Buttery (Bt) is a Wine Cellar. Below the Small Hallway (Sm) are the castle Dungeons. Above the Royal Stables (Ro) is a Hay Loft. Above Inside the Southwest Guard Tower (Is) is the Top of the Southwest Tower.Above Inside the Southeast Guard Tower (Is) is the Top of the Southeast Tower.

In all four of the watchtowers above the Royal Courtyard there are Commanders of the Dark Army. Each of them is quite hard and will attack on sight. They can see invisible. Above Inside the Central Tower (It) are two rooms, the highest of which contains a hard Knight who's evil, aggro and sees invisible.

I have yet to find out where the key for the room north of the West Hallway (Wh) is (marked on the map by ??) nor have I made it into the Tall Tower yet. If anyone does I'd be grateful if you'd let me know.

Lastly I'll mention the Royal Garden. The Garden is a kind of a maze I've not seen before. Although you can map the move from one room to another easily, I find that if you look at where you are it changes: An uncertainty maze! There are a few interesting mobs in here so I'd have a quick look if I were you.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 15enenene2n3en3en2en5es3es3e5s3e.

  Map of Khmer Castle

              Ah-Lr-Wi-Lr-Ap                      St     
                 |  |v |                          |     
                 |  Hp |                       Qp-Nm-Qu     
                 |     |                          |  |  
                 |  Ga |                       ?? |  |  Th-Royal Garden
                 |  |  |                       |  |  |  |  
                 |  Ac |                       Wh-Nm-Eh-Er-Th-Royal Garden     
                 |  |  |                          |  |  |
                 |  Nv |                       Hc-Ni-Cr |     
                 |  |  |                          |  |  |
                 Lo Na Lo             Gc          Ni-Sm-Er-Th-Royal Garden
                 |  |  |              |           |     |  
              Ml-La-Ca-La----Sp-Wk Ka-Nr-Tr    Hc-Ni    Th-Royal Garden
                    |                 |  |        |        
              Nc-Gc-Co    Gr-Bh-Lk Gl-Nr-So-Ar Cc-Ni-Rs-Pa
              |  |  |     |  |^       |           |
              Gc-Gc-Ew----El-Ch       Nw       Hk Ne
            ^ |  |  |        |        |      ^ |  |
           Ng-En-No-Ne-Np    El       Nw-Kc-Ns-Kc-Ne
           |  |  |  |  |     |        |  |  |  |^ |
     Khmer-Ic-Wc-We-Cn-Ee----Cb-------Ge-Gh Lc-Rc-Ne-Pr
           |^ |  |  |  |     |        |  |  |^ |  |
           Sg-Es-Gp-Se-Sc    Eg       Sw-Qc-Ss-Qc-Sh
              |  |  |        |^       |        |  |
              Gc-Gc-Ew----Eg-Ch    Bu-Cs----Ki-Rb Sh Gd In Pu
              |  |  |     |  |        |     |     |  |  |  |
              Sy-Gc-Wc-Hi Gg-Bh-Lk Tw-Lo    Bu    Dh-Ln-Ln-Sm
                    |                 |      v    |  |  |  |v
               Tall Tower             Bw-Ln-Sq    Ww Op Mh-Gb
                                      |              |^ 
                                      Sq             Ro
Above the Northern and Southern Gate Houses (Ng and Sg)
                   ^           ^         
                  |           |          
                  At          At          
                  |           |
                  At          |                    
                   v          At                      
                  At          |
                  |v          |            
                  At          At                      
                  |^          |^                      
Above the Central Hall (Ch) in the House of Grendell.
                 | \                      
                 Lb Down to the Central Hall
Above the Central Hall (Ch) in the House of Lothan.
                 | \                      
                 Bl Down to the Central Hall
Above the Royal Courtyard (Rc), South and North Stairwells.
            |  |  |  |  | 
            |  |  |v |  | 
            |  |  Nb |  |         
            |  |  |^ |  |        
            Ob-Ob It Ob-Ob           
            |  |  |v |  |
            |  |  Nb |  |                   
            |  |  |  |  |                             
            |  |  |v |  | 

  Key to the map of Khmer Castle

Ac- The Chancel to the Altar Ah- the Altar of Healing
Ap- The Altar of Purification Ar- The Atrium
At- Atop the Battlement Bh- The Banquet Hall
Bl- the Bedroom of Lady Corrina Bt- Buttery
Bu- Butchery Bw- Blacksmith's Workshop
Ca- The Entryway to the great Cathedral of Khmer Cb- An Intersection in the Cobblestone Street
Cc- Councilor's Chambers Ch- The Central Hall
Cn- The Centre of the Grand Plaza Co- A Cobblestone Street
Cr- Council Room Cs- Corridor to the Southwest Wing
Dh- Dim Hallway Ee- The Eastern Entrance to the Grand Plaza
Eg- The Entryway of the House of Grendelle Eh- East Hallway
El- The Entryway to the House of Lothran En- The Entrance to the Northern gate House
Er- Entrance to the Royal Garden Es- the Entrance to the Southern Gate House
Ew- The Entrance to a House of Nobles Ga- the Grand Altar of the Cathedral
Gb- The Guards' Barracks Gc- The Grassy Courtyard
Gd- Guard's Armory Ge- Grand Entryway to the Castle of Khmer
Gg- The Great Room of the House of Grendelle Gh- The Great Hall
Gl- The Guest Library Gp- Southwest Corner of the Grand Plaza
Gr- The Great Room Gu- The Guest Chambers
Hc- High Councilor's Chambers Hi- Hidden Path Around The House
Hk- Hall of Kings Hp- The Chambers of the High Priest
Ic- Inside the Castle Gates Ie- Inside the Southeast Guard Tower
In- Infirmary Is- Inside the Southwest Guard Tower
It- Inside the Central Tower Iw- Inside the Northeast Guard Tower
Ka- The King's Art Museum Kc- King's Corridor
Ki- Kitchen La- A Large Corridor
Lb- A Large Bedroom Lc- Long Concourse
Lh- A Large Hall Lk- A Large Kitchen
Ln- A Long Hallway Lo- A Long Corridor
Lr- A Large Chamber Mb- The Master Bedroom
Mh- The Mess Hall Ml- The Master Library of the Cathedral
Na- the Narthex Nb- A Narrow Bridge
Nc- Northwest Corner of the Courtyard Ne- The Northern Entrance to the Grand Plaza
Ng- The Northern Gate House Nh- Northeast Hallway
Ni- Northeast Wing Corridor Nm- Northeast Wing Main Corridor
No- The Northwest Corner of the Grand Plaza Np- The Northeast Corner of the Grand Plaza
Nr- The Northwest Wing Corridor Ns- North Stairwell
Nu- The North Entrance to the Upper Battlement Nv- The Nave of the Cathedral
Nw- Northwest Hallway Ob- On the Upper Battlement
Op- An Outside Path Or- Oratory
Pa- Patio Pr- Parlor Room
Pu- The Pub Qc- Queen's COrridor
Qp- Quarters of the Personal Assistant Qu- Queen's Parlor
Rb- Royal Banquet Room Rc- Royal Courtyard
Ro- Royal Stables Rs- Royal Solar
Sc- The Southeast Corner of the Grand Plaza Se- the Southern Entrance to the Grand Plaza
Sg- The Southern Gate House Sh- Southeast Hallway
Sm- A Small Hallway So- Short Hallway
Sp- A Small Path Outside the Cathedral Sq- Servant's Sleeping Chambers
Ss- South Stairwell St- Stairwell
Su- The South Entrance to the Upper Battlement Sw- Southwest Hallway
Sy- Southwest Corner of the Courtyard Th- A Narrow Path Through the Hedges
Tr- The Trophy Room Tw- Tailor's Workshop
Vl- The Vault of the Lothran Family Wa- Southeast Watchtower
Wc- A Wide, Cobblestone Street We- The Western Entrance to the Grand Plaza
Wh- West Hallway Wi- A Wide Hallway
Wk- The Winery of Khmer Wn- Northwest Watchtower
Ws- Southwest Watchtower Wt- Northeast Watchtower
Ww- Weaponsmith's Workshop

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