A great big thanks

The first time I wrote a page like this I spent some time wandering around the web looking for good web sites. I was dissappointed to find very few with reliable information. This time round I'm going to try and avoid this problem by asking you to send me your own web address and I'll have a look at your site. If you let me know what parts of the site you'd like me to review I'll stick to those, as we all have broken bits of our websites don't we *grin*.


This is the official Shadowdale MUD home page. There is more information on here than you can shake a stick at. There is an excellent newbie helper guide and lots of infromation about the various classes and races you can play. There are ASCII maps (some of which are out of date) along with the rules of the MUD and a list of the current immortals. I've noticed that the pages are changed reletively frequently, so if you can't find something here check out their site.

  Back once again for the renegade master ...

Once again I'm at the bottom of a page wibbling on... You may be wandering why I'm asking people to send URLs to me to review. After all it's my website - why shouldn't I look myself? The answer is simple - I keep this site going, not for myself but for the Shadowdale players of the world out there. I like to think that people can come here and find out all they need to know to play Shadowdale. If I can build a reliable list of other web sites here, then people will always be able to find other sites, no matter where they move. Here's hoping that together we can make it work.

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