A great big thanks

I'd like to say thanks to a few people, organisations and the like for their endevours to keep Shadowdale the MUD that I like to go to. Firstly Celestian, as he's been working (on and off) on Shadowdale for a long time, and without him I don't think Shadowdale would have lasted as long as it has. I'd also like to say a big thanks to all the other people who've ever added anything to Shadowdale, without whom I'm sure I wouldn't have kept on going back. Thanks to whoever is hosting Shadowdale at the moment, and a big thanks to the people who developed the diku MUD server, without whom Shadowdale would never have been born at all.

  Players who've contributed

A big part of these pages in the past has been the people who've sent me information to add to one database or another. Be it a single itemstat or one hundred, a single map or the maps of a whole area all contributions are very welcome and without them this site would take an awful lot of time to get built. Below is a list of people who've sent me information that is included on this site, or that was on the last version of this site:

Anglor, Avril, Azrael, Balmater, Bloodwulf, Chandos MoonStriker, Dargo, Delain, Doric, Doshi, Druadan, Duriel, Dwarkanath, Elfslayer, Eliolas, Elvador, Erlan, Falen, Ferne, Fuse, Garth, Hannah, Heron Goldenwing, Horath, Kalibar, Kayleen, Khayman, Khazmoden, Lameera, Lewolf, Lyca, Manc, Mulengro, Nadria, Pronto, Quess, Quinfall, Raeth, Raften, Rasha, Rilion, Sestian, Talimus, Thoran, Tyvern, Vanashtha, Varda, Zammax, Zann and Zuqubee.

If I've missed anyone out, please feel free to email me and let me know.
Cheers guys 'n gals, the next round is on me.

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