Who is everyone anyway?

I've made a lot of friends on Shadowdale over the years, and I've tried to keep in contact - it gets difficult though. People change email address, change jobs or even graduate (honest) and someone always slips through the net. These pages allow players to put some information in about themselves.

You can store the name and race of your character along with a description, any Real LifeTM details about yourself, a bit about what your goals are, and a list of other MUDs you play. You're also asked to enter a password so that you can edit this information. You also need a user and password if you want to become an Itemstat Editor (see the items pages for more details).

  Find a character

To look up (and possibly edit) an entry, enter a character's name or part of a name that you'd like to search for below. The search isn't case sensitive. To look at all the characters submit the search form, leaving the name field blank.

Character name:     

  Add your own character

A database like this is no use unless people use it, so why not add your own details so that your friends can keep track of you? You can add your details using this form. If you want to be an Itemstat Editor on this site, you need to add at least your character's name and give yourself a password.

You should remember that anyone with a web browser can look at this database, so it might not be the best idea to put all your Real LifeTM details in here unless you don't mind who rings you up, sends you letters or sends you email. I've put my email address in, but then it's plastered all over these pages anyway so why not!

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