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As anyone can find out, rather quickly, there are a lot of items (objects) on Shadowdale. Frequently shouts go out for some information about a wand or to find out if one piece of armor is better than another. This is the information known as itemstats. Some characters keep such information a secret: "If everyone knew which breastplate was best, they'd all want one." is the common reply. This is true, but knowing which armor is best doesn't mean everyone will be able to either get it or use it.

To make it easier to find out the stats of a particular item they are grouped together by where they are worn. Use the search box below, or click on a group of items to find what you are looking for. You may also use the advanced search page is you'd like.

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Please feel free to send me any item information you know to be correct (preferably checked with an identify scroll) or send any corrections to the information within these pages. Alternatively you could become an Itemstat Editor and update existing items or add a new item on-line, mail me for information on this front.

Items that have been added to the database since the start of SD3 will be marked with . Items that were on previous versions of Shadowdale will also be marked this way once they've been checked on Shadowdale 3.

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