Since January 2000, we here at Bath Magic UK have sponsored an annual Bath Magic Invitational event. We've noticed that many of the same faces pop up month after month and we'd like to encourage more people to keep coming back. Previous winners are listed in our Hall of Champions.

To do this we put together a large prize for a sixteen person event in December every year. At the moment it looks like it could be around five boxes of product and assorted goodies, including free tournament Magic in Bath for a year for the winner!

The rules are quite simple. Within one week of every tournament a league table of people with points will be updated and displayed on this web site.

The final standings for 2004 can be found here. The top fifteen players (excluding Tu Nguyen) are now qualified for the Bath Magic Invitational on December 18th. The format for the event will be three rounds of Standard followed by a Champions Booster draft followed by a top-four, Standard knockout.

The winner of the Invitational event will be named Bath Magic 2004 Invitational Champion and will get free entry to all Magic tournaments in Bath in 2005!

Although invitations will be based on the results of the monthly tournaments, those tournaments will not be affected by this in any way. They will continue to be DCI sanctioned and run under DCI floor rules by our local Level 2 judge Jim Grimmett.

We feel that this gives a bonus to good local players that keep turning up, as well as giving something to all those who have supported the tournies over the past few years. We hope that you like this idea, any comments on it will be most welcome.

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