If you are after any information about a tournament in Bath or Bristol, information about the web site or when and where people meet up in Bath during the week you're in the right place. Below is a quick list of contact details, links to maps and times and places where we all meet up.

Bath Monthly Standard tournaments, Pro Tour Qualifiers, Nationals Qualifiers and Pre-releases are now run by Claire Williams. You can email her at clairewill@wyenet.co.uk. Standard Tournaments are normally held on the first Saturday of every month, unless a premiere event is taking their place. All tournaments are listed in the Coming Up pages. Most of the Bath tourneys take place in the Percy Community Centre, New King Street, Bath. You can find a map of where the centre is at streetmap.co.uk here. The arrow in the middle points to the Centre.

Wednesday Night Magic is now being run weekly in Bath by Adam Reynolds. You can email him at wnm@collectandplay.com and ring him on +44 (0)1225 427228. WNM will be run at the Trinity public house on James St West in Bath from 7pm until 11pm. We intend to run 8 player Standard events, Booster drafts and hope to start running Arena events soon.

If you want to keep up to date with Magic in Bath your best bet is to join the Bath Magic yahoo group.

Tournaments in Bristol are run by Claire Williams. You can email her at clairewill@wyenet.co.uk. Tournaments in Bristol are normally run at the Stag and Hounds on Old Market Street (here is a map). Premiere events (Prereleases and PTQs) are held at the Rotunda Centre, 82 Moravian Road, Kingswood (you can find a map here).

Bristol casual night is every Wednesday from six o'clock in the Stag and Hounds. Usually over a dozen people show up, playing Magic with anything from 5-Color decks to Standard.

If you want to know about clubs and tournaments in other parts of the country, check out our Links page for other web sites.

If you have any questions about the website, know another place near Bath or Bristol where people play Magic, or have noticed anything wrong with this site please don't hesitate to email Jim at jim.grimmett@curiosity-shoppe.com

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