Welcome to our articles page. Here you'll find tournament reports and Magic related articles written by of that might be of interest to Bath players. If you'd like to submit a report please state where and when the tournament was held. If you'd like to submit an article feel free and it'll probably get added (unless there's a really good reason otherwise).

Who's the beatdown
by Mike Flores
This article is one of the best strategy articles that's EVER been written about Magic: The Gathering. It's MUST reading for any budding Magic players.

Clear the land and the Fundamental Turn
by Zvi Mowshowitz
One of two ex-Dojo articles I have archived here after the death of the Dojo. Zvi discusses the concept of the Fundametal turn.

Nemesis pre-release report (Why Lacoliths are good)
by Jim Grimmett (added 14th February 2000)
Jim gives a detailed description of how he built his deck, how his rounds went and a commentary on why Lacoliths are good.

Nemesis pre-release report
by Paul Dale (added 14th February 2000)
Paul focuses on the top eight draft and final match.

Block Rotation
by Jim Grimmett (added 21st October 1999)
Jim pens a few notes on how to cope when a block of your favourite cards rotates out of type II.

Bath Magic June Tournament
by Tarik "Tragic" Browne (added 18th June 1999)
Tarik Browne once again gives us his Props and Slops at bath

Sixth Editon Round Up
by Phil Mattingly (added 26th April 1999)
A discussion of Sixth Edition, a breakdown of cards in and out of the various colours along with pros and cons of the whole set.

Bath Magic April Tournament
by Tarik "Tragic" Browne (added 26th April 1999)
Tarik's experience at Bath's April Type II tournament.

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