Adding a new character

To add a new character to the player database fill in the form below and submit it. The only information you must fill in is the name and race of your character and a password, so that you can edit the information in the future and possibly become an Itemstat Editor.

  Shadowdale character information

Character name: 

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  Race:    Sex: 
Other information: 

  Real LifeTM information

None of the fields below need to be filled in. After all Shadowdale hasn't anything to do with the Real World at all. The only reason for entering any information below is to make it easier for other Shadowdale players to contact you. None of the information will passed on by me, but anyone with web access will be able to look at it, so I'd advise you to be careful about what you put in. For my character Stibbons I've added my email address, as it's all over this web site anyway, my real address and a little about what I really do. I haven't added my phone number as I don't want just anyone ringing me up.

Player Name:   Occupation: 
Email Addresses:   (a comma separated list)
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Real LifeTM info: 

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