There are a million Magic related links out there and I really don't want to have to keep an eye on them and maintain a page full of several thousand. Even so, I've collected a few that may be useful for Magic players in the UK. They're broken down into categories to make life easier. If you know of a link you think I should list here, please email it to me. Please note that the lists below are in alphabetical order and do not indicate a preference in any way.

Strategy, news and event coverage
Magic humour
Online play
Local clubs and tournaments
Online magic shops
Card Trading Forums
General links

Strategy, News and Event Coverage

Brainburst (official WOTC site)
MTG News
Neutral Ground
The Sideboard
Star City Games (also an online shop)

Magic Humour Sites

Mise Tings

Online Play

E League
Magic League
Magic Online (official WOTC site)

Local Clubs and Tournaments

Games World, St. Helens
The King's Summoners of Dursley
Magic South West
UKG Tournaments

Online Magic Shops

Alpha Beta Unlimited (US)
British Collectible Cards (UK)
CCG Express (UK)
The CCG Store (UK)
Collect and Play (UK)
Cutting Edge (UK)
Dave and Adam's Card World (US)
Dave Gale, Magic Card Sales (UK)
DNS Cards (UK)
Firestorm Cards (UK)
Jemchipsa World Of Magic (UK)
Magic Online Store (US) (official WOTC site)


Card Trading Forums

MTGUK Trading Forum

General Links

The Dojo archives (1996-1998) (the original MTG website)
The Dojo archives (1998-2001)
Wizards of the Coast

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