Gallery History
Situated in the historic Georgian city of Bath, the American Dream Gallery is the UK's first permanent exhibition space and salesroom for original comic book art.

Here you can see and purchase the original comic book pages, together with preliminary materials, by some of the best comics artists, from the 1960s to the present day.

The Gallery opened in May 1997 with a show featuring Charles Adlard (X-Files), Will Simpson (Hellblazer; Vamps) and Bryan Talbot (Nemesis). Past show have included...

Spring 99: Marvelmania
A retrospective view of Marvel's Silver Age - the 1960s. Spotlighting the incredible creative power of Jack Kirby, the show also exhibited work from some of Marvel's greats including: John Romita, Don Heck, Dick Ayers, Gene Colan and Gil Kane.

Summer/Autumn 98: 60 years of Superman
A nostalgic look at Man of Steel's history with exhibited art by Dick Dillin, Frank Quitely and Anthony Williams.

Spring 98: Spaced
A celebration of science-fiction comic art featuring art from Star Wars, Babylon 5 and Star Trek by Mike Collins and Gary Erskine.

Winter 97/98: Independent Visions
Showcasing the work of Mark Buckingham, Bob Fingerman, Terry Moore and Steve Rude.

The Gallery is free to all.
Open 7 days a week: Mon - Sat 10am - 5pm; Sun 11am - 4pm

The Internet Gallery

The Internet Gallery was inspired by the thoughts of David Currie, the manager of American Dream in Bath. It was created (mainly) by James Grimmett, to reflect the needs of The Gallery in this age of electronic wonders. Jim has his own set of web pages, Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe which he tries to keep up to date, but finds he rarely has the time to.

If you have any gripes or ideas about The Internet Gallery please Email the Gallery with them and we'll see what we can do.

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